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Terpene Profiles: What are they and what are their benefits?

If you are a regular cannabis user, chances are you know things like the difference between India, Sativa and Hybrid plants and what the different levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD tell you about a particular strain.

(Check out our previous blog if you would like to know more). This kind of information enables you to make informed decisions about what product to buy and also what to expect. Besides a strain’s cannabinoid content, another feature you will come across is its terpene profile. But what exactly is a terpene and why is it important to cannabis users?

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Why does cannabis enhance our appreciation of music?

Music and marijuana are intrinsically linked in our cultural consciousness.

Many people say cannabis enhances their appreciation of music. Depictions of marijuana in popular fiction are often accompanied by psychedelic rock, jazz or reggae. For those who experienced it, two ingredients that made the summer of love in 1967 so special were rock’n’roll and pot. Of course, enjoyment of cannabis, much like music is deeply subjective. Not everyone will experience a heightened enjoyment of music after consuming cannabis.

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