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At Sweetgrass, our focus is on superior cannabis, grown with technique. Our state-of-the-art facilities fuse art and science and elevate the cannabis production process. Our grow team boasts seven Cannabis Cups in Canada and decades of collective knowledge and experience in an industry that is still young. From our custom-designed, indoor facility in Alberta, we carefully oversee the cultivation of our crops. The result is a product that’s safe, high-quality and consistent.

the future of growing

As attitudes towards cannabis have shifted and more funding for scientific research has become available, we now know more about the cannabis plant than ever before. Turning a plant based product into validated medicine has pushed the boundaries of agricultural technology, while on the recreational side, cutting edge production systems promise to create products of increasing quality. At Sweetgrass, we believe in combining a forward-thinking approach with the artistry of experienced growers. We have validated the anecdotal practices of the last two decades that are most beneficial to the cultivation methodology so that we can attain repeatable results.


Growing in a controlled environment enables us to use nutrient-rich soils without the need for pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals containing heavy metals that can be absorbed by plants. Indoor cultivation also means our customers can rely on our products all year round with no difference in output.
Our computer-controlled facility is a complete closed loop. Intuitive programs carefully monitor every single environmental parameter in the room. Factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting, air pressure, PH and moisture are kept at the optimal levels for the selected strains developed by our grow team. Controlling the metabolic tendencies of our crops enables us to reproduce desired characteristics and cultivate a consistent cannabis experience so you know exactly what to expect before buying one of our products.

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