How to keep a cannabis journal

Whether you have recently been prescribed cannabis or you have been a user for a while, keeping a cannabis journal can help you unlock the plant’s health and wellness benefits.

When people say they feel anxious when they smoke marijuana it may be because they are taking too much, or they are using a strain that is too potent for them. After all, individuals will react to different strains in different ways. Journaling is a way to avoid these issues. It can help newcomers discover which strain is right for them while it can also help regular consumers to maximize the medicinal benefits.

Exactly how you set out your cannabis journal is up to you but there are certain things you may want to consider before you start your journey

What to write in your cannabis journal

The exciting thing about starting your cannabis journal is you can choose just how detailed you want to be. That being said, you should document certain basic things every time you consume. This information should be available on the packaging.

● The name of the strain
● Whether it’s an indica, sativa or hybrid
● The percentages of THC and CBD

There are, of course, other variables that affect the way our bodies react to marijuana and it is a good idea to also collect the following information:

● The amount used (in grams or milligrams)
● How many times you inhaled
● The method – did you use a vaporizer, or did you smoke it in a joint or
by using a pipe, for example?
● The time you first inhaled
● The time when you started feeling a response
● The time when the effects started to fade
● Where you were and if you were alone or around other people
● If you had anything to eat or drink before or during

Once you have recorded the conditions of your cannabis experience, it is time to start thinking about how best to document the effects it has on you.

Keep a parallel journal

There are various approaches to documenting your reaction to cannabis and this can apply to new cannabis users and regulars. It can be as minimal as drawing a smiley face or frowny face to signify if it had a positive or negative effect on your prescribed condition. However, to get the most out of your cannabis journal try being as detailed as possible.

Consider keeping a second journal, parallel to your cannabis journal, to write down the effects it had on you each time. Were you relaxed or anxious? Did you feel it have any therapeutic effects? Did it have any physical effects?

You may also want to try freewriting while you are feeling the effects. This method involves simply writing down whatever is on your mind at that moment. Unpick some of the problems of the day. Let your mind go off on a tangent and don’t worry too much about spelling or grammar. This can be particularly useful if you find yourself up against a mental block when you try to write about your emotions. When you write down whatever you are thinking, your mind can start to relax and then the next time you do it, you know what to expect and you can build on it. It can also be a way to release anxiety felt after smoking pot because you can acknowledge any thoughts that are bubbling up.

Other things to think about

Finding a safe environment can help eliminate other factors and keep your journal focused on whether the marijuana is having the desired effect. Some people choose to make journaling time no-screen time. They switch off the TV and put away their phones. Listening to some music that makes you comfortable as well as stretching and moving or maybe just sitting and meditating can help to remove too much external stimulation.

If you have recently been prescribed marijuana for the first time, you should start low and slow with a small amount and only a few inhales. You can gradually build this over time until you find your body’s tolerance level.

Recognize it’s a process

Before you decide what to write in your cannabis journal and start the process of documenting your marijuana experiences, you should understand that it could take some experimentation. A journal, however, can be a powerful tool to access the full complement of health and wellness benefits that cannabis provides.

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