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We produce superior cannabis, grown with technique. Our focus is on creating unique experiences tailored to the individual. We're busy working behind the scenes but stay tuned for product updates and announcements.

Science + Nature


Life is about finding the right balance. We’ve found a balance between science and nature that works for us. Our Sweet Spot. We believe cannabis can be a part of a healthy and happy lifestyle and whichever way you choose to partake, you should know exactly what to expect. Our focus is on quality and consistency so you have a reliable and repeatable experience, every time.

Our Facilities

A fusion of


Our state-of-the-art facilities elevate the cannabis production process. Our grow team boasts seven Cannabis Cups as well as decades of collective knowledge and experience in an industry that is still only young. From our custom-designed, indoor facility in Alberta, we carefully oversee every aspect of cultivation. The result is a product that’s safe, high-quality and consistent.

  • Computer-controlled facility
  • Isolated growing chambers
  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • No pesticides or other chemicals
  • Consistent cannabis production
  • Quality

    Our award-winning growers produce premium quality cannabis using state- of-the-art production systems.
    Passion for the plant, horticultural talent and innovative production practices combine to grow an outstanding product. We have refined the traditions of artisanal growers through careful research, enabling us to select the most beneficial cultivation methods. The result is a unique cannabis experience. When people try Sweetgrass for themselves, they notice what we call, the Sweetgrass difference.
  • Consistency

    When people buy cannabis, they want to know exactly what to expect..
    Within each of our computer-controlled grow rooms we can monitor and adjust virtually every environmental condition. Whether it’s temperature, humidity, lighting, air exchange, even down to the nutrients in the soil, everything is controlled. Replicating the cultivation process in this way enables us to create a product with reliable and repeatable characteristics every time.
  • Creativity

    A new dawn has arrived in Canada and people are waking up to the possibilities of cannabis.

    We believe cannabis use can be incorporated into a healthy, ambitious and creative lifestyle. Whether people are interested in trying it for the first time or want to rediscover the plant we want them to do so mindfully. We want to fully inform people about about what’s in the product, its benefits, and how to select an experience that’s right for them.

    Lead Team

    Dennis Rattai

    CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board

    Vision and solid mentorship are the hallmarks of Dennis’ leadership style. He is a strategic thinker with a natural ability to inspire and motivate. Cultivating solid relationships, he is connected with the largest licensed cannabis producers in Canada. He has over 40 years of experience building construction and development companies. Dennis has the knowledge and skills necessary to build and coach the winning Sweetgrass team.

    Ryan Murray

    Lead Grower (Old’s College, Degree in Golf Course Management | KPU Certificate, Plant Production and Facility Management)

    A knowledgeable and skilled cannabis grower with over 20 years of experience, Ryan has worked with over 150 different strains of cannabis. He has grown cannabis to-scale, working with up to 5000+ plants. Ryan is an artisan whose passion and skills have lead him to create his own award-winning genetics.

    Michael Hofmann

    Systems Development Consultant

    Within the cannabis industry, Michael Hofmann is a star veteran. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the phyto-pharmaceutical, production horticulture, and cannabis industries. He was instrumental in the creation of ABcann Medicinals, one of Canada’s first licensed cannabis producers. Michael brings a wealth of insider knowledge of the cannabis industry domestically and internationally.

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